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The Harlot & The Prince of Darkness-Lilith, Lucifer & Leviathan

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❤I produce statues for your home and garden 

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This beautiful figure is perfect for decorating your garden, apartment or as a gift🎁

Adorn your profane altar with sexual heresy. Invoke the magic of the Qliphothic Gods and Goddesses with this timeless and stunning statue.

The Harlot & The Prince of Darkness is a unique altar statue showing Lilith and Lucifer, the patron deities of the path of the Qliphothic Tree. Standing in sexual embrace and united within the body of Leviathan, they hold the symbols of the Dark God and Goddess of the Qliphoth: the trident and the chalice, typifying the masculine and the feminine currents of the Dark Tree.

This image refers to the old Qabalistic legend, according to which Lilith, the Queen of the Night, and her demonic spouse, the Prince of Darkness, are presented as two parts of one being, forever joined through sexual act by means of a mystical serpent-dragon. In my ritual system, the Dark God of the Qliphoth and the Dark Initiator on the path of the Qabalistic Tree is Lucifer, Lilith is the Dark Initiatrix and the mother of the path, and Leviathan, the Serpent of Chaos, is the principle that binds these two Qliphothic forces into one – the Current of the Dragon.

• Place the statue on your altar to adorn it with sexual heresy
• Bind Qliphothic spirits to the statue to provide them a physical living space
• Gaze upon the nude embrace of Lilith & Lucifer to enter deep gnosis
• Activate the statue as a beacon for a flow of Qliphothic energies in your temple
• Enliven the statue into a magical being as a familiar
• Dedicate it as a token of devotion to the unholy trinity of Sitra Ahra

The whole statue is, therefore, a symbolic presentation of the path itself, typifying its fiery and sexual character, the connection between the Divine Masculine and Feminine, and showing that this is the Way of the Serpent: the Adversary, Seducer, and Initiator of Man.

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