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Want to progress any exercise using only your bodyweight?

Our Suspension Trainer System allows you to use your own body weight for a full body workout to improve endurance and overall strength! 

Our PRO Training Strap System provides world-class work out to improve strength, and endurance balance for everyone regardless of your fitness level. It is fun and you will get effective workouts in as little as 15 minutes a day to transform the way you feel and look.

Your progression is unlimited! Just by moving your hands and feet you can change the resistance and difficulty of the workouts. 

Flexible Training System

Set it up anywhere, anytime! Just anchor it off any door, tree branch, beam or secured elevation point to get your at home workout started. Destroy those fitness goals whether you're at home, at the park,  or at the beach!

Easy to Use

Our PRO Suspension Trainer System is easy to use both indoor and outdoor. Set it up in within 60 seconds!

Easy to Carry

Our PRO Suspension Trainer System comes with a mesh bag, small enough to carry so you can bring your workout anywhere.


Competitive Edition Trainer

1. Pull rope(adjustable)

2. Door Anchor

3. Suspension Anchor

4. Hexagon wrench (to lock carabiner)

5. Extended belt

6. Sports Ring

7. Mesh carry bag

From Hook to Handle adjustment length:130cm-180cm