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Sport Knee Compression Sleeve, Knee Support Sleeves

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"These sleeves worked great for my daily  morning runs, with noticeably less soreness after each session!"


Measure the circumference of your thigh 6 inches above your knee cap.
11.5" - 13.5" 13.6" - 16.5" 16.6" - 19.5" 19.6" - 23.5"
30 - 34 CM 35 - 42 CM 42 - 49 CM 50 - 59 CM


  • Elevate knee joint performance
  • Provide beneficial 360° compression
  • Optimum support for knee muscles
  • Prevent and relieve pain and soreness

Better Performance, Better Experience.

  • From slow jogging to intensive training to relaxing yoga,  we aim to elevate your workout sessions and make the most out of them.
  • Optimal muscle support for maintaining peak performance
  • Take away continued pressure and stress on joints of regular workouts 
  • Protection from injuries and risks during exercise

Silky Smooth Comfort, All Day.

  • More than just for workouts. Without compromising mobility, It is made for all-day wear, between workouts and during casual everyday activities.
  • Ergonomic fit and non-slip design ensures maximum comfort without slippage
  • Extremely breathable and comfortable materials that provide a soft yet snug fit
  • Minimizes bad odors and high absorption capacity

Heal Your Knees Faster.

  • Compression is a huge benefit of knee sleeves. That's why JointRelief™ is designed to provide a nice, effective, and complete compression for the precious knees.
  • High-quality material keeps your knees at the right temperature, encouraging natural joint lubrication
  • The increased blood pressure accelerates knee recoveries from workouts and injuries
  • Help reduce swelling and minimize pain


  • Age: Universal
  • Material: Nylon
  • Model Number: HJ016-F
  • Sale: Wholesale/Dropship Support
  • Size: M/L/XL
  • Function: Arthritis, Pain Relief, Injury Recovery

Package Included

  • 1/2PC Knee Sleeves