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Pirate Costume for boys

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Unique things attract attention and when it comes to themed dress events nothing can beat a pirate costume. This outfit has got a certain kind of exoticism that attracts attention from far and wide. Step out this Halloween season dressed in a pirate style and make all others hide their belongings in fear of you. This Halloween season steps out to find your treasure confidently and make your evil charm felt around. The classic pirate look is very eye-catchy and it is becoming a major hit on occasions like Halloween parties and any themed dress events. Several types of pirate cosplay costumes are trending these days and getting access to them via an online store is easy. However. the quality and styling available everywhere might not be that eye-catchy and desirable to you. Fret not and simply visit us at Halloween costume for to get the best options available in this category. I will be sharing with you the necessary details that can help you to shop for the outfit properly.

Pirate Costume- A blend of exotic evilness and a magnetic charm!

The moment the boy steps into the party dressed as a pirate. wearing a pirate hat and carrying a pirate sword in hand the limelight is all on him. This exotic and villainous avatar has a special charm about it. Do not just steal treasure but win over other's hearts as well this Halloween season. Let me now highlight the salient features and items included in the costume to help you get a good idea regarding the outfit.

The Items Included

  • Shirt
  • Coat
  • Trouser
  • Boots
  • Ribbon-like head tie
  • Artificial pirate sword
  • Pirate hat

The Features

  • The outfit is made of 100% polyester interlock knit fabric
  • The shirt has white body with a white collar and bell sleeves
  • The boot is made of faux leather and features an elastic band under the boot
  • Head tie is of the same fabric as the red-colored waist tie is
  • The pirate hat is available in black color.
  • A size chart is provided along the image given and it is highly recommended to consult the chart before placing any order online

Get ready to claim your ownership of the treasure that you found in the party now. The stolen treasure is surely the undivided attention you attract in any themed dress event. At Halloween costumes for different styles of pirate costumes are available so come fast and pick the one that catches your eye. Do not let the other pirates beat you!