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Mug Goblet Stainless Steel Resin 3d Beer Tankard Coffee Cup Wine Glass Mugs

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Item Name: Cool Mug. Retro Mug.Tankard. Coffee Cup. Wine Glass. Goblet
1. Size as the show of pictuer.
2. Made of designer quality composite resin and hand painted and polished.The topped with a stainless steel liner for safe drinking.
3. This mug is perfect for your medieval/renaissance themed parties! It is designed for Game Of Thrones. Might and Magic Gaming and other fantasy sequel fans.
4. Imagine drinking out of this mug with your beer buddies. close relatives or what have you!
5. Remove the stainless steel liner cup insert for washing.
About cleaning
The inner liner of the mug can be removed so that it can be washed more easily and without damaging the Surface!

Customers Reviews
Customers Reviews