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Instant-Detox Ion Foot Spa

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The ultimate solution to heal body swelling & pain in a relaxing way is C Instant-Detox Foot Spaimproves both physical & mental health in just 20 minutes.

Based on the mechanism of the reverse osmosis system. Instant-Detox Ion Foot Spa works by charging water in the foot tub with positive ionstodraw out negative ions. where most toxins accumulate. The positive ones will then bind with the negative ions andre move them along with toxins & fluids for good. As a result. you will notice the changing color of the water as these are different types of impurities released from your body.

This professional detoxification treatment will provide you with instant benefits like increased energy. better sleep & relieve pain. while the symptoms of swelling & inflammation will be improved in the long run. As our feet play a vital role in regulating our body temperature and encouraging blood flow. your overall health will also be enhanced.


  • Heal various health problems e.g.swelling. pain. inflammation. insomnia
  • Remove negative ions
  • Get rid of toxins. fluids. chemicals. radiation. pollution.
  • Encourage the better flow of blood circulation
  • Prevents blockage of the lymphatic system
  • Improves metabolism & favors weight loss
  • Purifies your body effortlessly
  • Completely safe to use


Put the ion device inside your foot tub and enjoy the spa for 20 minutes. Apply once a day.

*Each Ion head can be used 30-50 times.


1 pc constant-Detox Ion Foot Spa

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Customers Reviews