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Hyberic Anti-Snoring Mouth Guard and Helps Teeth Grinding

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Say goodbye to snoring with Hyberic Anti-Snoring Mouth Guard to have a restful night sleep. It has a multi-functions. it's not only stop snoring but it's also prevent teeth grinding. trains the occlusion and beautify the teeth while you're sleeping. It is convenient. cheap. easy to use. friendly food grade silicone material and work effectively. This anti-snoring mouthpiece gently hold the jaw forward to open the air way. helping users breathe quietly and reduce snoring without a doctor's prescription.


1.This multifunctional anti-snoring mouth guard can be used not only to stop snoring. but also to prevent teeth grinding when you're sleeping. It trains the occlusion and beautify the teeth.

2.It effectively stops snoring through physical therapy. which is more efficient. more convenient and cheaper than surgery and ventilators. allowing you to easily say goodbye to snoring troubles.

3.Food-grade silicone material. soft and skin-friendly. does not damage the soft tissues of the oral cavity. and is not easy to deform after long-term use.

4.The ergonomic design fits the mouth and is comfortable to wear. which can effectively relieve snoring and teeth grinding. so you don't have to worry about "snoring" affecting others.

5.Used in conjunction with the breathing mouth. the effect of stopping snoring is good. allowing you to breathe smoothly even in deep sleep.

6.It is suitable for many occasions. such as bedrooms. offices. dormitories. high-speed trains. airplanes. cars. etc.

7.This snoring stopper is small and light. comes with a storage box. hygienic and portable. convenient to carry and store.

* It can be disinfected with alcohol or boiling water before and after use.

Material: Food grade silicone + ABS
Color: White
Size: 6.7*3.8*2.3CM
Weight: 9g
Packing size: 8*7*2.6CM

Packing List:
1* Multifunctional anti-snoring braces
1* PC Box
1* Color Box