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Home Iconostasis Renaissance Style Prayer Corner

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Home Iconostasis Renaissance Style Prayer Corner Home Oratory Religious Gift Wooden Religion Icon Christian Gift Saints God Almighty Pray


The product is made in the style of the Renaissance takes its roots in Italy in the 14th century. SIZE: 25cm/10in.


The first tier (below) from left to right:
Archangel Gabriel,
Mother of God of the Seven Arrows,
Lord Almighty, Archangel Michael


Royal doors of the iconostasis (First tier)
Top left St. Matthew,
Bottom left: St. Mark,
Middle: Annunciation,
Top right: St. John,
St. Luke's bottom right


Second-tier From left to right:
Nativity of the Theotokos,
Introduction of the Virgin in the Temple,
Annunciation of the Theotokos,
Nativity of Jesus,
The Last Supper,
The Feast of the Presentation of Jesus,
Transfiguration of Jesus,
The Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem,
Resurrection of Jesus


Third Tier from left to right:
Saint Spyridon,
St. Nicholas,
St. Apostle Peter,
St. Paul the Apostle


Fourth Tier (round icons at the top) from left to right:
Holy Prophet and God-seer Moses,
Holy and righteous King David,
Our Lady of the Sign,
Holy Prophet King Solomon,
Holy Prophet Ilya


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