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Heavy Duty Electric Pneumatic Cordless Framing Nailer Tool

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Securely bind heavy-duty nails onto hardwood or thick upholstery by using our handy framing nailer. Driven by compressed air. theframing nail tool swiftly darts nails onto solid material for a convenient working experience.

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Equipped with a 360-degree exhaust cover. thecordless framing nailer protects the user from getting blasted by harsh air. Not only that. but thebattery framing nailer has an easy-to-click trigger that gives you a simple working experience.

With a versatile magazine. thepneumatic framing nailer can hold different-sized brad nails with extreme ease. This feature of the electric framing nailer enables you to do a variety of projects without a hassle.

best cordless framing nailer

Best out of all. our premium framing nailer gives you a good view of the number of nails remaining in the magazine. Make all your nailing and upholstery jobs more convenient by using our heavy-dutyframing nail tool.


ERGONOMIC -With its ergonomic handle. the cordless framing nailer gives you a comfortable grip and better control. This feature of the battery framing nailer also makes it easier for you to work with different types of materials.

DURABLE -Made with high-qualityaluminum alloy. thepneumatic framing nailer is highly durable and can withstand daily use. Not only that. but theelectric framing nailer is sturdy enough for you to use for years to come.

LIGHTWEIGHT -Weighing just below four pounds. the framing nailer is extremely lightweight and easy to use. It enables you to work quickly and accurately on any project without tiring your arms.


Tool Dimension: 9.84x2.17x9.45 in
Net Tool Weight: 3.21 lbs
Operate Pressure: 75~100Psi
Load Capacity: 100 Staples or 100 Brad Nails


1x Framing Nail Tool