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Halloween Bloody Horror-Zombie Head Water Cup

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white zombie

Halloween Bloody Horror-Zombie Head Water Cup

This exquisite handmade water cup decoration will definitely become a topic in any room. office. dormitory. and game room.

This zombie mug is very suitable as a home decoration gift!This zombie cup is extremely meticulous in workmanship. extremely lifelike. and all handmade. bringing the atmosphere of Halloween.Customized products by hand.Bring you exquisite works.

Superb craftsmanship.Every penny is worth it.Choose now.

Made of resin to maintain its durability and safety.Not only a large enough container. but also a great art collection.

In order not to damage the mug. it is recommended that you wipe it clean after each use and place it in a safe place.

Excellent design: It can be used as a cold drink cup for milk. cocoa. coffee. beer. red wine. whiskey. juice. etc.

Ghoulish Mug Wake up in the morning and smell the aroma of coffee (not zombies) in these scary coffee cups with amazing and realistic scary designs.

Let's imagine: sitting on your front porch drinking coffee with a skull face or a zombie face.Oh. this is not limited to coffee.You can also drink its blood.

Size: 12814cm/4.723.145.51inch

Material: Resin

Color: Multicolor

Product contains: 1zombie cup

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Customers Reviews