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Flynova Pro Flying Spinner Ball

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A cool way for adults and children to learn and experience the physics of aviation

angular conservation of momentum + Bernoulli principle. The flight path can be controlled by changing the angle of the ball; The magic flying ball can rise straight into the air on its own before it flips back down for a safe landing on your palm. Can perform more amazing tricks and stunts

Entertainment and Fitness

It is a fun way to exercise and improve eye and brain coordination. An innovative way for kids to put down their cell phones and move around


After a little training, you can easily master the special effects of the whirlpool, straight-line flight, and corner maneuvers. Very easy to control - just adjust the angle to change the direction of travel

USB Rechargeable Colorful Light
The flying ball changes color in flight, cooler at night, your flying toy will look like a neon shooting star when you launch it across the sky. Built-in rechargeable battery with fast charging time. Our mini flying saucer drone can be charged via any USB port.

Safe and worry-free

All moving parts are covered by the surrounding structure, the integrated acceleration sensor helps avoid collisions, and the locked rotor detection ensures greater safety. Built-in high-performance rechargeable battery and USB charging interface help save energy and protect the environment