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Fidget Packs Anti-Anxiety Tools Fidget Toy Pack for Adults Kids

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Fidget Packs Anti-Anxiety Tools, Fidget Toy Pack with Marble Mesh Sensory Tube and Keychain Mini Fidget Block Set Figetget Stress Relief Toys for Adults Kids



1. Simple but effective: Help reduces stress and anxiety. By guiding energy to increase concentration and keeping your hands quiet, relaxation therapy can help children and adults with high stress or anxiety levels and is perfect as a decompression toy for special needs.

2. Easy to care: When cleaning, just rinse in the sink or wash with clothes, air dry only.

3. Fun noodle rope: Stretch, pull, rotate, and wrap them into any shape, and then bounce back to their original shape, great fidget toy.

4. Pea: Endless fun, when you feel stressed or bored and kill time, squeeze the beans over and over again.

5. Psychological help: May help to recognize and stabilize mental performance, some people squeeze things when thinking and brainstorming.



Package includes:

1 set decompression toy

Each toy of this fidget box is made from non-toxic and durable materials from international toy standards and guarantees children's safety.