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Drawing Helper Object Projecter

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DRAW Faster. DRAW Better. DRAW Like A Master!
The Ultimate Drawing Tool for Beginners and Professionals alike!

Just like magic. reflect the image of anything onto paper or canvas. Just draw or paint on the image to quickly start your realistic masterpiece. The technology behind it has been used by artists for hundreds of years. This is the latest and greatest evolution of the drawing.

The Object Projecter is built with optical mirrors that allow you to project a virtual image of your subject over your paper.
No Plugs. No Batteries. No Electricity. No Computers. No Dark Room

Get the right perspective quickly. and use it in life painting to get the right proportions easily and quickly.Use it to restore interest in art. Full of infinite possibilities and excitingHow To Use


  • Clamp your Object Projecter to a table or easel
  • Place whatever you want to draw in front of you
  • Look down into the view hole
  • You will see your subject reflected over your paper or canvas
  • You can adjust the brightness of the image as needed with the included optical filters
  • Draw what you like. leave out what you don't want
  • Mark the outlines. shadows. highlights. and everything you need for your initial sketch
  • Then set aside your Object Projecter and finish your masterpiece however you want!

Material:metal / pvc/ Fiberglassinfused polycarbonate
Image Size:19 x 27 in (48 x 58 cm)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What kind of lighting do I need when using the Object Projecter?

A:You just need a normal well-lit space like you would for any other art project. The Object Projecter works inside or outsidewherever there is light.

Q:Can I use the Object Projecter if I wear glasses?

A:Yes. you can use the Object Projecter if you wear glasses. But it may not work well if you wear bifocals. trifocals. or progressive lenses. Basically. a Object Projecter enables you to see two things at the same time laid over each other. So you see your paper and the subject at the same time. If you have difficulty seeing near and far objects without trifocals. then when the two images are transposed over each other you will only be able to see either one or the other clearly.

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Customers Reviews